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Introducing Yanez Platform
No-code AI-powered Automation and Investigation Platform

The Power of AI to automate Financial Crime Prevention Operations manual processes.

Why Yanez

Your financial crime prevention operations teams spend large amounts of resources on manual, repetitive and tedious processes. It prevents them from cost-effectively executing their programs, leaving them on the defensive against nefarious actors looking to take advantage of the financial ecosystem.


Our Yanez no-code AI-powered automation and investigation platform enables a force multiplier to position your operations teams on the winning side. We help you bulletproof your financial crime prevention operations so you can protect your interests and thus the financial ecosystem.

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Automate manual operations •  Focus on what matters

testing & tuning, auditing, ops performance, reports, learning

Bulletproof your financial crime prevention operations

Robust Cost-Effective Compliance

Achieve compliance

Minimize manual operations

Uncover Real Risk

Reduce the noise through automation

Cross-correlate true alerts with meaningful data

Operationalize AI 

No-code deployment

No need for IT

The Yanez Platform


Leverage our vendor-integrated ecosystem and remove the dependencies from your IT very scarce resources.

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